Quick Reference Cards


Get users up to speed fast

We design and print job aids and reference cards to support users of EPM and BI systems. These quick and easy reminders of key steps are especially useful for new users or those who don't work with the system on a day-to-day basis.

Precise, targeted, job-related tasks

Quick reference cards provide a concise, targeted crutch for performing specific job-related tasks. They may outline a procedure or set of facts using minimal step-by-step instructions and perhaps list critical values or key conceptual diagrams. The idea is that a quick reference provides a structured means to help a user perform a task.

The following are the core elements of a quick reference:

  • Focuses on the essentials of a given task or set of information. The user doesn't have to wade through a big binder to find out what to do
  • Can target a specific audience or task 
  • Implies that the task is fundamental

Talk to us about the design and development of custom job aids to support your users.